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Nationwide network of MediBox

We transfer your data safely, reliably and with high data throughput via radio link - the fast way of wireless data transmission. Different sites are connected to each other in this way without expensive cables. Where conventional networks reach their limits physically and technologically, the radio link technology offers ideal conditions for a direct and wireless connection.

With our systems, data rates between 2 Mbit/s and 2.000 Mbit/s can be realised in different frequency ranges.  Cutting-edge technology enables an outstanding transmission quality with very short lead times. The radio link is secured in advance with the aid of radio field planning and feasibility tests. All the equipment can be serviced by the national networking of Medibox via remote function. The maintenance is carried out by trained regional personnel.


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MediBox offers a complete database for medication, clinical procedures (OPS, DRG) and diagnoses (ICD). There are interfaces for imaging in cardiology, technical examinations such as ECG, pulmonary function test, blood pressure measurement, exercise ECG, X-ray, chest CT examinations and magnetic resonance diagnosis.

By networking Medibox, all the requirements for telemedical applications are met. Especially in the field of imaging (computed tomography), telemedical consultative assessments can take place from an affiliated hospital.

Hospital Information System (HIS) and patient information systems

All examinations and costs of a patient are centrally controlled. It is thus possible to follow the whole process continuously and to view the entire case history.  The patient data is accessible by the doctors in original and not only as descriptive text at any point in the network.

A precise cost management system of the clinic or the individual departments is possible in real-time.


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