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Flexibility and extensions

The MediBox was developed such that even the basic module covers a wide range of medical
services. The flexibility of MediBox allows expansion of the building from sides and front with up to six floors through a combination of the modules.
Thus, little by little, a complete hospital with further functional areas and in-patients bed areas can be established at a polyclinic. Even after the completion, the Medibox can be flexibly expanded or dismantled, exactly according to the needs. This is also an aspect of sustainability.  
Another advantage is that due to the high degree of prefabrication and the construction time on site, the effects of noise and dirt are minimised. Thus, even during on-going hospital operation, new construction or renovation work can take place without major disturbances.



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Solar technology

It is possible to install a photovoltaic system in  MediBox. The roof system can also be pre-installation in the production plants as desired and after clarification of the local conditions.

  Dialysis module extension >>

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