MediBox saves time and capital
The innovative approach to a comprehensive health care system in developing countries

Production time
In terms of quality and durability, MediBox is an equivalent alternative to solid construction. However, the design consisting of space cells offers an unbeatable advantage, especially in terms of economy, investment security and sustainable construction.

In a construction period that is shorter by up to 70%, MediBox is produced through a sustainable construction method at a fixed price and in a fixed time that can be flexibly adapted to needs at any time.

„A smart
will yield

The transport of the Medibox from the production plants to the respective site takes place in containers. All the equipment, including complete medical, laboratory and building technology as well as tiles,  curtains and facade parts are included here.

Thanks to the unification of services, transportation is economical and ecological even over longer distances. At the installation site, Medibox is set up in a few weeks and connected to a turnkey building.

Minimal preparation time
The modular configuration of Medibox and its design ensure an extremely short preparation time between order placement and delivery of the polyclinic with full medical function. Ideally, a time period of 1 year should be planned between ordering and the delivery of the operational Medibox. This means a return-of-investment within a very short time as compared to a conventional hospital building - about a quarter of the time.

The precise manufacturing processes of MediBox are based on proven, standardised processes that are prerequisites for the quality, durability and service life of the structure. 90% of the work is already completed in the production plants, irrespective of weather conditions, under constant quality control, on time and in an economical way.

With the individual sanitary, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems combined, extensive  expertise comes together in one place. The design and manufacturing take place efficiently and parallel to the foundation works on site. The specific requirements regarding quality, statics and hygiene in the  clinical and laboratory area are already set as a priority in the development and planning stage.

The MediBox therefore meets the physical requirements related to fire, sound and heat protection. At  the site of the setup, only a reliable connection to electricity, water and sanitation needs to be ensured.


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