The innovative approach to a comprehensive health care system in developing countries
The decentralisation of medical facilities is a prerequisite to reliably provide a large proportion of the population with a high standard of medical services.

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In countries with underserved health systems, centralised structures usually exist for health care of the population. The large hospitals in the cities are only accessible to a limited number of people.
Structural deficits in planning, development and an inefficient supply of the rural population are the causes of high morbidity and mortality due to infections and common diseases.


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is a prerequisite


In a modern healthcare system, there should be a standardised and high quality health care system for nearly all residents of a country.
Especially in the rapidly growing emerging economies, the good health of the population is an absolute necessity for the further growth of these countries.
All important examination methods, including ultrasound, endoscopy and diagnostic radiology (incl. computer tomography) should be available as an option, alongside a laboratory unit for diagnostic purposes.

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