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The innovative approach to a comprehensive health care system in developing countries
The modular configuration of Medibox and its design ensure an extremely short preparation time between order placement and delivery of the polyclinic with full medical function.

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The innovative approach to a comprehensive health care system in developing countries
From polyclinic to hospital - the modular construction of the MediBox fits all application areas - sustainable and flexible.

About MediBox

MediBox offers already in the base module, a wide range of medical services.
Flexibility of the MediBox allows the building to enhance flexibility through the combination of the modules.

Modular Design Equipment Thrift Flexibility
feature 01

"Health of the population is a prerequisite for growth"

MediBox Design

Innovative concept for comprehensive health care

Uniform and high quality care for nearly all residents of a country.

feature 03

"Modular design speeds up the creation"

Standardized concept thanks to modular technology

Sustainable design with the
highest quality standards

The modern modular design
combines environmental protection,
recycling and energy efficiency.

feature 05

"Eine intelligente Investition bringt schnellen Ertrag"

Medibox saves time and capital

Your unbeatable advantage
in terms of economy

The modular manufacturing and construction provide an extremely short construction time between order placement and delivery.

feature 04

"Vernetzung und moderne Technik machen autark"

Hospital-Information-System (HIS) und

Überregionale Vernetzung
und Telemedizin

Durch die Vernetzbarkeit sind alle Voraussetzungen für telemedizinische Applikationen vorhanden.

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